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M.I.A. has made the unusual step of asking fans to name her forthcoming third album. On Monday, April 26, the 34-year-old singer-songwriter/rapper posted the following message on Twitter, "MIA TRACKLIST FOR LP COMING JUNE "YET UNTITLED" OPEN TO SUGGESTION AT @_M_I_A_ #miap4k," alongside a picture of the tracklisting.

The follow-up to 2007's 'Kala' is produced by dubstep whizzkid Rusko and already sounds like it will be as genre-busting and unconventional as her previous offerings -- the pair recorded the heartbeat of M.I.A.'s one-year-old son for one track.

Speaking to BBC 6Music backstage at the Coachella festival earlier this month, Rusko said. "It sounds like a rock band trying to play dubstep songs. The whole idea of the record was to freak people out. It's crazy. It's like mad distorted and hectic." He went on to say they considered calling the album 'Complications' on account of the convoluted recording process, before deciding to throw the title open to fans.

Meanwhile, M.I.A. has caused controversy with the video for new track 'Born Free', posted on her official website on April 25. Directed by controversial French film maker Romain Gavras -- who made the 2008 Justice tour documentary 'A Cross the Universe' -- the nine-minute-long film features images of law enforcement officers wearing American flags beating, arresting and brutally executing people with red hair, presumably a metaphor for oppressed minorities. It has been banned from Youtube, but is still available on Vimeo.


I personally think she should keep it self-titled since her first two albums were named after her parents.

Go here to listen to a short interview with M.I.A. where she says she is making a video for the song XXXO directed by Hype Williams (smh) It is at the 34 minute mark.

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