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I did an intvw with LA duo NGUZUNGUZU a few days back and they revealed that they are workin on maya's new mixtape! And workin on tracks with Rye Rye as well.

How have you guys been? All good, taking it all in! We are working on a bunch of new tracks and we’re getting ready to tour Europe and playing HARDfest out here in July. We’re also working on M.I.A.’s new mixtape for her upcoming album. The mixtape is due in June. We are really excited!

That’s definitely exciting! Is that why you were working with Rye Rye as well? Rye Rye is amazing to work with. We actually worked with her on another new track too, for a strange reason– the track is for the new A-team movie! We got contacted by NEET when we were in Monterrey Mexico DJing, to do a collaboration with Rye Rye the night we got back to LA. So we basically made the beat on the plane, and went straight to the studio at like midnight to meet Rye from there. We were supposed to remix the A-Team theme song, but we mostly sampled the drums and made a REALLY loud heavy club tune. Then Rye Rye wrote all the lyrics on the spot and killed it. The music really happened beautifully. Aside from that track, we’re doing some more work with her for the M.I.A. mixtape. Rye Rye taught us a lot about bustin’ some shit OUT! She handles her business, ain’t no fucking around.

So the mixtape is dropping in June. The full article is here.

BTW They also did a mixtape for our blog which is FIRE.

Keep an eye on them, they are gonna be big!
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