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This is the [currently] one and only livejournal community dedicated to M. I. A:

"A chicken-legged Sri Lankan with so much sex in her self-spun neons you might as well get wasted off penicillin with Willie Nelson at a secret Rex the Dog show." - Pitchfork Media.

"The over-all effect is like what a politically minded class of fourth graders might do for a term project if they had access to a lot of electronic toys: joyous, spring-heeled, impatient, unafraid to speak out." - The New Yorker.

"Over the barest of drum patterns, Arulpragasam chucks bhangra, ragga, electro and hip-hop into the blender and scats a sinister, ominous explosive-device metaphor over the results. It’s provocative, for sure, and that’s just the way she intended it." - The Times.

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